The Savings
Are Automatic

The Allison TC10® transmission allows fleets to get the most out of every drop of fuel because it makes use of Allison’s FuelSense®, an exclusive, unique package of software and electronic controls that includes:

  • EcoCal—EcoCal works to lower engine speeds. Lower shift points provide better fuel economy and maintain vehicle performance.
  • Dynamic Shift Sensing—Automatically selects between lower/higher speed shift schedules based on the vehicle’s actual payload and the grade on which it is operating. This optimizes fuel economy while maintaining superior performance.
  • Acceleration Rate Management—Mitigates aggressive driving by controlling engine torque based on the vehicle’s grade and load.
  • Neutral at Stop—Automatically eliminates the load on the engine when the vehicle is at a full stop to save fuel and reduce overall vehicle emissions.
TC10 Fuel Economy Improvements
For Real-World Fleets
Part Of A Winning Combination
For Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing

With the long drive to races in California from the team’s headquarters in Indiana, Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing wanted to increase fuel economy for transporting its racecars. An Allison TC10-equipped tractor allowed the team to do it.

Allison Video Image

“From a race team’s perspective, everything comes down to budgets. If we can save fuel long-term, we can put that back into the team.”

–Drew Coomes, Director of Marketing, Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing

Start Saving

Give your fleet 5% greater fuel economy with the TC10®. Submit the information below and an Allison representative will contact you.


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