Attract More Drivers
And Keep The Ones You Already Have

When you add a TC10® to your fleet, it’s also easier to add drivers. Drivers don’t have to be experts at shifting because our transmissions do it for them. Once behind the wheel, drivers are more alert and in tune with their surroundings.

Even experienced drivers appreciate the simplicity, responsiveness, control and maneuverability an Allison fully automatic transmission gives them. They’ll experience less fatigue in the cab, increasing both safety and comfort. For your fleet, this means improved safety records and increased driver retention.

Increased Safety
and Driver Comfort

Watch to see how Mesilla Valley Transportation has used the TC10 to improve their drivers’ performance and overall experience in the cab.

Allison Video Image

"Your shoulders don't hurt as much, you are not having to shift, you're much safer, you can concentrate on the road, keep both hands on the steering wheel and work productively."

–Allan Dahringer, Director of Maintenance, Mesilla Valley Transportation

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