Reduce Your Total Cost Of Ownership
With the TC10®

When you factor in all life cycle costs (vehicle purchase price, fuel, tires, preventative maintenance, component repair, driver wages and retail resale value) – along with the increased productivity – an Allison Automatic-equipped vehicle costs less per mile* to operate than a comparable competitively-equipped vehicle.

Allison fully automatic transmissions are built to last and require a minimum of service – meaning not only lower maintenance costs, but also more time on the road. No wonder Allison offers an industry-leading five-year or 750,000-mile transmission system warranty.

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“An Allison transmission makes your worst fuel mileage people almost equivalent to your best fuel mileage people."

–Royal Jones, President & CEO, Mesilla Valley Transportation

Fuel Efficient

The TC10® is as fuel efficient as it is reliable. All TC10 transmissions come standard with FuelSense®, the next generation in fuel-savings technology exclusively from Allison Transmission.

Easy To Maintain

Calibrated to the vehicle’s particular operating requirements, Allison prognostics monitor various operating parameters to determine and alert when service is due. This eliminates unnecessary fluid and filter changes and provides maximum transmission protection. Plus, with a proven track record of reliability, and no scheduled maintenance for up to 500,000 miles, Allison puts you in control of your fleet and of your budget.

Superior Versatility

The TC10 can provide your fleet with far more versatility than an automated manual transmission (AMT). A TC10-equipped tractor does not require unique vehicle configurations to operate in two different regional terrains or duty cycles – for instance, an urban delivery route during the day and a regional highway route at night. A typical AMT would require specialized rear axle ratios and perhaps even different tractors for each of these routes. Unlike manual or automated manual transmissions (AMTs), the TC10 also has no mechanical clutches prone to wear, minimizing wear and tear to the transmission and the rest of the drivetrain.


Results may vary depending on your operating conditions. See your local Allison representative to find the potential productivity gains for your particular business.

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